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How I Learned To Drive

A Play

By: Paula Vogel

Run Time: 1h 40m


A poignant and powerful play that explores the complexities of a difficult and taboo subject matter, the story follows Li'l Bit, a young woman coming of age in the 1960s, as she navigates her relationship with her uncle, who is both her confidant and her abuser.

Paula Vogel's masterful writing brings to life a story that is both heart-wrenching and heartwarming, exploring themes of trauma, power dynamics, and healing. The play also examines the ways in which society shapes our perceptions of sexuality and gender, making it a relevant and thought-provoking piece for audiences of all ages.

Through its powerful performances and evocative storytelling, "How I Learned to Drive" offers a cathartic and transformative experience, challenging us to confront uncomfortable truths and find hope in the darkest of places. This is a play that will stay with you long after the final curtain call and is not to be missed.

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