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Evansville Civic Theatre seeks to enhance and enrich our community by cultivating an appreciation for the performing arts and providing an outlet for self-expression and education through high quality entertainment.

A Brief History

In 1925, Miss Frances Golden (the youngest member of the famous Golden Family Vaudeville troupe from New Harmony) brought Evansville's first Community Theatre to our great city. Known originally as The Peoples Players and the Community Players, Miss Golden brought her vaudeville experience to Southern Indiana, ultimately founding what is now one of the oldest arts organizations in the state of Indiana. As Artistic Director for 17 years, Miss Golden gave to Evansville Civic Theatre a stability and sense of purpose that has shaped the character of community theatre in Evansville for 90 years.

Please, make it a point to show your support for the art of theatre and come to enjoy your friends and neighbors on stage as we continue to make history at the Evansville Civic Theatre!

Evansville Civic Theatre moved into it's current home in 1974 when they acquired the old Columbia Theater.  The building has been standing at the corner of Fulton Avenue and Columbia Avenue since 1910.  The current facade came to life during a renovation of the theater in 1939.

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