Into The Breeches!


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By: George Brant


Thursday, April 14 @ 6:00PM

Friday, April 15 @ 6:00PM

Auditions will be held at:
Evansville Civic Theatre

717 N Fulton Avenue

Evansville, IN 47714


WHEN: May 20 - 22 & 27 - 29

WHERE: Evansville Civic Theatre


It's 1942. The Oberon Play House's director and leading men are off at war with the Axis.  Determined to press on, the director's wife sets out to produce an all-female version of Shakespeare's Henriad, assembling an increasingly unexpected team united in desire, if not actual theatre experience. Together they deliver a delightful celebration of collaboration and persistence when the show must go on!  A surprisingly modern and moving comedy about the singular way art and community reveal our boldest selves even in the darkest times.



woman in her mid-40's; the talented, if untested, Director finds her own values and independence, plays The Chorus.

woman in her 50's; the diva, ringleader of the group – the glue that holds them all together, plays Henry Fifth and Fourth.

Man in his 60's; the conservative Board President of the Oberon Play House; prickly on the outside, but a doting husband.

Woman in her 50's; an untalented but enthusiastic socialite who finds her own wit and humor, plays Falstaff.

Man in his 40's; the quip-ready Stage Manager finally shows the world the best side of himself, plays Mistress Quickly.

Woman (African American) in her 30's; the imaginative costume designer and the visionary for pushing the show into a modern perspective in more ways than one, plays Hotspur.

Woman in her late teens/early 20's; the ingénue full of curiosity and optimism, plays the Kates.

Woman in her late 20's/early 30's; a raw talent who finds the power to lead, plays Henry IV and I.



-This show contains some graphic descriptions of sexual situations and female circumcision.

-The director may use doubling when casting the roles.

-This will be a staged reading and actors will not need to memorize, and the rehearsal commitment time will be less than a staged show with memorization. 




Auditions will also consist of cold reads from the script. Just come ready to have fun! If you've been to a Civic audition before and not made the cast, we'd love to see you again!


Rehearsals are typically 4 days a week, pending actors' availability. This could possibly include weekends.
Rehearsals are held either at the theater or at First Ave. Presbyterian Church.


Everyone will be required to wear a mask to auditions.


All cast members will be required to be FULLY VACCINATED AND PROVIDE PROOF OF VACCINATION STATUS to go unmasked during rehearsal and performances (pending CDC recommendations).  If not fully vaccinated, cast members will be required to wear a mask at all times during rehearsal and performances. 

Please bring a full list of schedule conflicts from APRIL 18, 2022 through MAY 29, 2022.

Any questions can be directed to at