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Book, Music, & Lyrics by: Dan Goggin


Directed By: Kevin Roach


Auditions will be held at Evansville Civic Theatre

Monday, August 2 @ 6:00pm - 9:00pm*

Tuesday, August 3 @ 6:00pm - 9:00pm

*NOTE - Monday will strictly be devoted to music, while Tuesday will strictly be devoted to acting. You will not be able to audition your song on Wednesday. If you absolutely cannot make one or both of the days, please email the production team at to arrange a video audition.


WHEN: September 17 - 19 & 27 - 29

WHERE: Evansville Civic Theatre



The show is a fundraiser put on by the Little Sisters of Hoboken to raise money to bury sisters accidently poisoned by the convent cook, Sister Julia (Child of God). Updated with new jokes, additional lyrics, two new arrangements, and a brand new song, this madcap musical was recorded for television starring Rue McClanahan as the Mother Superior.


5 Women

Sister Mary Regina (Mother Superior)

Head of the convent, respected greatly by the sisters. While strict she has a hard time keeping the craziness of the convent at bay. Keeps her guard up in front of the sisters but has an extroverted side. Part requires some very physical humor, can be played with an Irish accent.

Gender: Female; Voice part: Mezzo/Belter; Age 40’s to 60’s


Sister Mary Hubert

She is in charge of the novices, but fancies herself a Mother Superior & is in constant competition with Mary Regina. She exudes maternal wisdom to the novices but also like to let loose. Gospel singing style a plus. Ability to tap encouraged by not required.

Gender: Female; Voice part: Mezzo/Belter; Age 40’s to 60’s.


Sister Robert Anne

Once child delinquent herself, this rough tough nun is jokester & constantly challenging authority. She speaks with a thick Brooklyn accent & constantly displays her lack of refinement.

Gender: Female; Voice part: Mezzo/Belter; Age 30’s to 50’s.


Sister Mary Amnesia

As the name suggests, she has lost her memory & does not know who she is except that she is a nun. She is spacey & incoherent, often slipping into displays inappropriate for a nun. Must be able to sing in classical & country styles.

Gender: Female; Voice part: Soprano/Belter; Age 30’s to 50’s.


Sister Mary Leo

Leo is the novice nun, still learning the way & coming to terms with her decision to give up “civilian life”. She is a ballerina & displays her talents through much of the show. She is easily swayed to join in the mischief.

Gender: Female; Voice part: Mezzo/Belter; Age 20’s to 30’s.


Please prepare a song or selection of a song in the style of the show. If you are unsure of the style, you can find the Nunsense soundtrack here:

We prefer you bring your own track in to sing with. We will make a bluetooth speaker available for you to use.

Acting auditions will consist of cold reads from the script that will be provided on the day of auditions.


We will not be having dance auditions, but if you have dance experience, please describe it on your audition form.


Audition forms will be made available, but If possible, please print out the audition form from found at the top of this page and fill it out prior to auditions. Please include ALL conflicts up until the show dates, including weekends. Please give us your work schedule to the best of your knowledge.

Schedule will depend on actors and director availability.  Please bring a full list of conflicts, including work schedules and weekends up through showtime dates.

Please wear a mask to auditions if you have not been fully vaccinated.  There will be sanitizer available and we will follow current CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of those auditioning.

Any questions can be directed to at