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Fahrenheit 451

A Play

Written and adapted by Ray Bradbury
from his classic novel

Directed by: Kevin Roach



Monday, Jan 23 @ 6:00 PM
Tuesday, Jan 24 @ 6:00 PM

Evansville Civic Theatre
717 N. Fulton Ave.



WHEN: March 31-April 2 & April 7-9

WHERE: The Evansville Civic Theatre, 717 N. Fulton Ave.

*There will be Educational Daytime performances on April 6 & 7.


The story is set in a dystopic future American society where books are outlawed, “firemen” burn any that are found, and the temperature at which books catch fire and burn is 451 degrees Fahrenheit. Guy Montag is a fireman who becomes disillusioned with his role of burning literature and destroying knowledge, and it is not until he meets a young woman, filled with strange ideas, that he is led into a dangerous and highly combustible situation when she dares to ask the question: “Is it true that long ago, firemen once put fires out instead of going places to start them?” Now Montag must choose between continuing his monotonous existence with his emotionally distant wife—who’d rather spend her days staring at interactive TV walls—or dare to challenge Fire Captain Beatty and his “search and destroy” mechanical HOUND. Aided by a former English Professor named Faber, He may risk everything for the right to think and read in the pursuit of knowledge.



The Evansville Civic Theatre is working towards creating an inclusive and diverse creative environment and is actively seeking actors of all races, lifestyles, and backgrounds. We will consider all auditioners, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, stage of pregnancy, disability, age, or veteran status. We encourage anyone who is interested to audition! Every auditioner will be considered for a role unless the race, age, or gender of a character is integral to the story or has been explicitly specified by the playwright and required by the production contract.



Ages are listed by script suggestions and are subject to change.

*Trigger Warning: Some roles include scenes of adult language, drug abuse, and/or suicide.

GUY MONTAG – late 20’s to early 30’s. A fireman in a dystopic near future where firemen BURN books rather than put out fires. Eventually questions his profession and puts his and others' lives in danger.


CAPTAIN BEATTY – age 40 and up. The Chief of the local fire unit, a former book reader turned ardent fireman, detects Montag’s change in attitude toward their profession and ultimately drives him from it.


CLARISSE – late teens to early twenties, Free–spirited young woman who befriends Montag, then mysteriously disappears, joining the book people.

MILDRED – late 20’s to late 30’s. Montag’s emotionally distant and very conventional wife.

PROFESSOR FABER – late 50’s and up. Clarisse’s grandfather, a former literature professor, aids Montag in his transition to THE BOOK PEOPLE.


HOLDEN – early 20’s or older. One of two associates of Montag, under Beatty’s command. Unlike Montag, they are completely committed to book burning.


BLACK – early 20’s or older. One of two associates of Montag, also under Beatty’s command. Unlike Montag, they are completely committed to book burning.


*The following characters only appear in one scene and are subject to doubling as BOOK PEOPLE, pending audition turnout, but present great opportunities for actors looking to have smaller roles!


MRS. HUDSON –50’s and up. A citizen who, despite the law, keeps and reads books; refuses to leave her home and dies with her books during a raid by the fireman.


ALICE – late ’20’s and up. Friend of Mildred’s.
(May be doubled with “book people”)


HELEN –late 20’s and up. A friend of Mildred’s.
(May be doubled with “book people”)


PARAMEDICS –any age. Two paramedics who resuscitate Mildred after a drug overdose. (doubled with “book people”)


ARISTOTLE – the unofficial leader of the book people. Has memorized Aristotle’s Poetics.


Tolkien, Bronte, Rostand, Dostoevsky, St. Exuperey, Tolstoy, Wilde, Carroll, Plato, Melville, Robert Louis Stevenson – (Various ages and genders) A fringe group living outside the city dedicated to preserving literature by memorizing works written by “their” author. They do not have to necessarily be the same gender as the author they embody.


POSSIBLE VOICES/VIDEO PERSONALITIES – There *may* possibly be some roles that are strictly recorded to be projected onto a screen or played over a loudspeaker. This show will utilize several media aspects to tell the story.



Auditions will consist of readings from the script. There's no need to prepare anything.


Audition sides that we will read from can be viewed ahead of time HERE.


-The schedule will depend on actor availability. Please bring a full list of conflicts, including work schedule and weekend commitments through April 9.

-Tech week begins Sunday, March 26. All actors MUST be available for rehearsals from that date through the show’s opening date, March 31. There are no conflicts allowed during production/tech week.


-Rehearsals are held either at the theater or at First Ave. Presbyterian Church.


Any and all questions can be directed to

Audition Form

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