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• Edward Bloom – Kale Rister

• Will Bloom – Wesley Eaton

• Sandra Bloom – Sara Fortner

• Young Will/Will’s Son – Grayson Bultmeier

• Josephine Bloom – ThuThiênsương Trịnh

• The Witch – Chynna Hall

• Karl the Giant* – Chris Brown

• Amos Calloway* – Kyle Burgess

• Don Price* – Nate Cole

• Zacky Price*– Matthew Utley

• Jenny Hill* – Maura Buck

• Dr. Bennett*– Kurt McWilliams


*The ensemble may feature these characters in various parts of the show, and their specific utilization can be discussed during rehearsals.




Note: Smaller Characters will and featured singing roles (Witches, Little Lambs, etc.) will be assigned later.


Emily Durchholz

Sydney Judd

Abby Scheller

Whit Wagler

Gabby Gilligan

Rachael Nash

Karyssa Morgan

Ava Bartley

Payton Hammett

Quincy Irick

Dragon M. Shadow III


Music Direction: Kelli Kibby & Summer Bennett

Choreography: Caitlyn Hummel

with Guest Choreography by Sally Julian

*A read-through for those available will be on Tuesday, April 11 at 6:00 PM at the Civic Theatre. I am planning to schedule 2-3 additional rehearsals this week for some members of the cast, pending their availability. Keep an eye out for more information soon! A Facebook Group will also be created soon for those in the cast.

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