A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to help Save Civic Theatre!

And to those who chose to to remain anonymous, we thank you!

Sean Esterline

Dr. Allison Bush

Michael and Anna Ennis

Tony Bowes

Kerry & Ricki Newman

Janet and Richard Day

Marcia and Scott Mishler

Terry and Karen Kuebler

Alyssa Chaffee

The Cecil Family

Sydney Judd

Wanda Collins

Kelli & Buck Dempsey

Luella Wagner

Valerie Ewers

John and Nancy Bodine

Angela Briggs

Laurel Vaughn

Jasmine Withrow

Bette and Elliot Bell

Brittney Brown

Jaclyn Cushman

Matthew Hummel, on behalf of T'chutopantak Meemoneé

The Students of the Mt. Vernon Fine Arts Academy

Wayne Koons with Go! Games Toys and Books

The Vincents - Candi, Jason, Olivia, and Harrison

Susan McDowell, on behalf of Susan and Scott Riley

Lisa and Andrew Godwin, on behalf of Rick Kersting

Tina Spears, on behalf of Sisters, Tracy Reese & Tammy Lingafelter

Addy Sherman, on behalf of Walton’s International Comfort Food

John Scheer, on behalf of Jim and Stephen Jackson

The Scotts - Marc, Laura, Zack, and Parker

Jakob Bilinski and Cinephreak Pictures

Dr and Mrs James and Candyce Butler

Haynie's Corner Brewing Co.

Amy MacDonell and Randall Shepard

David Stephens and Jean Robertson

Paula Boenigk, on behalf of Eva Kinnaird Kattau

Donald and Melissa Henning

Barbara and Donald Mills

Dr Ron and Dr Norma Faust

Robert and Scott Patten

Henderson Taxi, LLC

William and Roberta Van Horne

Kristi Miller and Marvin Guilfoyle

Micah Floyd

Dondi & Wendy Brown

Shelley Woodward

Mike and Jilian Ferguson

Jeant Barr

Kevin and Erin Kuhn

Mary and Michael Abaray

The Minar Family

Doggie Stylist

Michael & Karen Tackett

Mari & Eric Plikuhn

Joe & Erin Atkinson

Lizzie Raben

Glenn Ubelhor

Joseph Flauto

Lisa & Tony Glahn

Misty Seaton

Kirsten and Lee Wagmeister

Gerton Auto Sales, Inc

Ron and Cindy Mills

The Next Step Convention Team

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